is now (again)

by phil on Thursday Jun 1, 2006 1:22 AM

I really missed the old site's name Philosophistry. What really sealed the deal was reading on Joi Ito's blog his reflections upon Timothy Leary's passing ten years ago. This bit in particular stood out:

Tim had an interesting relationship with the New Age culture that he helped create in the 60's but his interests had moved on to cyberspace and the next generation of youth. Tim was practical and analytical while also being an amazing performer and communicator. Above all, he was almost always very funny. He called himself a "performing philosopher."
I've always admired people like Timothy Leary. Buckminster Fuller and Brian Eno both come to mind. Fuller, for example, was concerned with the widest and most general in life, in particular, beautifully optimal systems. And Eno eschews specialization by refusing to call himself a musician despite having had best-selling and pioneering albums. For these guys, the brilliance of life in general is the primary concern.

While the topic of my site is not always philosophy, I would like to think that I live with the prime questions of philosophy firmly in my mind. What is the good life? What is real? What is truth?

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