That religion period of the day

by phil on Sunday Nov 12, 2006 3:16 PM

The moment this happens, its pretty powerful, and I think people experience it maybe once every couple weeks, but it's a religious tagging period. Where you're sitting by yourself, having a meal, and somehow your mind is racing through every little thing, trying to assign meaning and purpose to everything. It reminds me of in Fight Club, when the IKEA catalog overlays everything around the main character, giving prices and descriptions to every item. Or in the Matrix, when instead of seeing people and buildings, Neo sees the underlining green code. We all have the capacity for this piercing gaze. Whether it's feng shui, or self-actualization, or Christianity we cling to, the world gets whisked away and reformulated according to some kalediscopic towering principle.

And then we finish our bagel, and return back to work.

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