My fascination with Fred Thompson is over

by phil on Tuesday Jun 19, 2007 8:51 PM

Fred Thompson, the actor-senator, who has soared to the top of some Republican presidential candidate polls, went to London early this week to meet with Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron (leader of the Conservative Party in the UK).

While on the surface, it seems this white knight was going to sail into the field and energize the GOP with Reaganesque charisma. However, the Doubt about him has sunk in: "Is Fred Thompson too lazy to be president?"

Lazy? Maybe not. Unergetic, definitely. Here's video of him deliverying a foreign policy speech in the UK. He looks off-balance, unsure of himself, and just plain tired.

I'm done with the guy.

Now my mind is on Hillary, Barack, Romney, and Bloomberg.

And here's why? I'm curious about Hillary because, well, it's Hillary. I'm curious about Barack Obama to see how much this formerly relative unknown can rise up just based on hope. Romney is interesting because he's Mormon. I think it'd be more shocking to see a Mormon become president than it would be an African-American or a woman. He's also interesting because at least in demeanor, he seems to be more reasonable than the clowns McCain and Giuliani.

And then there's Bloomberg, the independent. I dunno. Unlike Instapundit, I like that Lee Kwan Yew-wannabe aspect of him. (Lee Kwan Yew was the prime minister of Singapore who oversaw it's ascendancy). He just seems so organized and smart. In business, he was always on the cutting edge. And he's doing wonders to New York. I'd like to see what he could do to the US.


HT Springer said on November 23, 2007 6:39 AM:

I agree with you about Fred Thompson. He's just too flat and boring. He has been tagged as lazy by many who know him. I think Americans expect their president to be upbeat, energetic and optimistic. I think Romney is going to be the republican nominee.

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