Snapshot of my stream of consciousness

by phil on Saturday Jun 9, 2007 2:55 PM

It's 88 degrees outside in Austin, TX. I'm indoors, AC turned to 75 degrees. It's about 2 or 3pm. Slate has an article Everything you know about Sgt. Pepper's is wrong. I'm reading it because I'm bored. I start playing the album while reading because it refers to a lot of songs, and provides a backstory. It's hard to listen to it, though, as I played this album on loop at least twenty times a day when I was dating this girl in the summer of 2004. Now the album is forever wedded to those moments.

When I was driving near my apartment, I was thinking about how it was a year ago when I first came to Austin. My first impression was of how less dense the area is compared to California. You have freeways and trees here, predominantly. And then there's buildings. In Cali, real estate is so tight that buildings and development are always seeping from the edges into the freeways. So as I was driving on the freeway that's near my house, I was basking in the ambient openness of the city that is priceless. I told myself, "Austin, I hope you never change."

Earlier in the day, I was thinking about one-liners. I like great away messages. Something simple like, "Paperless motherfucker!" says so much with so little.

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