I hate rock shows

by phil on Friday Nov 23, 2007 10:24 AM

I've only come to be able to confidently say that recently because of how much fun I've had doing open mic karaoke. When I'm up there screaming at the top of my lungs, "A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART," and being filled with euphoria, I think to myself, "so THIS is what people are talking about when they claim to 'have fun' going out." All the other times at rock shows I respond with, "well, I guess I had fun. I liked the band, their music is good. meh."

And I think the difference is between participatory entertainment versus passive entertainment. This is a spectrum, of course, because at shows you can dance. But even then, the prime source of entertainment is not you, but the band.

I raise my mug and cheer things like YouTube, Blogging, Karaoke, Video Games, Real Dances (like ballroom dancing), Competitions of any kind, Open Mic, etc.

I never liked mass. Every time I sit there, I think to myself, "I'd rather be up there preaching."

I also enjoy writing more than I enjoy reading. Playing with your own fireworks on the fourth of July is more fun to me than watching a fireworks show. Playing sports is more fun than watching it.

And it's the same with the way I listen to music. It takes me like 30 listens to really hear the lyrics and such of songs because I only listen to music while I'm doing something else. Even if I'm driving, music is just there to massage my mind while I'm brainstorming or thinking of something else. It's just a soundtrack to the real content of the movie: my life.


anonymous said on November 23, 2007 5:00 PM:

Nice post, prophet; you speak the truth. Maybe you should try preaching.

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