Obama's speech on race

by phil on Thursday Mar 20, 2008 2:14 AM

If you haven't seen it yet, watch Obama's speech on race:

And if you don't have the patience, at least watch the Daily Show's take on it.

One of the themes that I've tried to peddle on Philosophistry and in public is this idea of modern "golden ages." We keep hearing about long-gone "golden ages" of film, of music, of this or that. It just makes me feel ill. Because I know that those people who went through those "golden ages" didn't even appreciate it the way we are reminiscing about them. And I believe that we are definitely going through some "golden ages" right now.

I think what's going on in indie music is a golden age. I think what's happening with facebook, myspace, YouTube, and Google is all some kind of golden age. I think that we're in a golden age for abundant entertainment, when the telecoms haven't yet clamped down on Net Neutrality. Anyway, this whole Obama stuff makes me wonder: Are we witnessing a golden age of sorts with this guy?

THIS guy, this Obama. He's starting to be a force in my life. The first wave had to do with the debate he had with Clinton at the University of Texas in Austin. I remember driving, just a month or so ago, through all this crazy Woodstock-like traffic to go to another crowded place just to watch the debate less than a mile away from where it was taking place.

This race speech of his is now the second wave. After watching his "A more perfect union" speech twice, and reading various commentary from TheRoot and Slate and FoxNews and MichelleMalkin, etc, I then went out and picked up The Invisible Man and The Autobiography of Malcolm X from the library. I started reading Malcolm X and it's a page turner. And combined with the context of Obama's speech, I feel like I'm experiencing a taste of revelation. While it's not particularly life-changing because I'm not black or white, or even THAT Asian-looking, but it's just great to be learning about this. I'm more excited by the excitement. That Obama got me to pick up these books and engage and understand what's happening is awesome.

Yes, I've seen documentaries of the mistreatment of blacks, but nothing compares to hearing the inner monologue of a black person experiencing all of that. And I hope that my user experience, this movement that Obama made in me is replicated in many other people. I know sales of Obama's book, "The Audacity of Hope," have probably soared because of it. Maybe a man with "just words" can bring a country together.


rmxplay said on April 18, 2008 8:01 PM:

hmm Golden ages. you make a good point. with the youtubes, googles, myspace, we are definately in a time that will be remembered quite well. I am rooting for Obama, let us hope he makes the cut.

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