The Lyrics Website Problem has been solved

by phil on Thursday Jul 24, 2008 4:49 PM

For the longest time, I felt that the Internet could never produce a convenient way to get song lyrics to users. For the longest time, every time you searched for song lyrics, you'd get copies of copies of inaccurate lyrics, riddled with mal-ads, or there wouldn't even be lyrics, just the titles of songs.

I just realized that the solution is already out there, it's called Song Meanings. They just basically moved the topic of conversation from "lyrics" to "song meanings," which indirectly makes the lyrics more accurate. Now whenever I search for song lyrics I type in "name-of-artist - name-of-song song meanings" into Google and am instantly satisfied.

Now the next challenge is to see if Google can convince their engine that "song meanings" is a better alias for "lyrics" when searching for quality song lyrics.

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