Attention RSS Readers

by phil on Sunday Jan 11, 2009 11:59 AM
mainfeed, off-front

The default feed for this blog will excerpt posts from Philosophistry that form more of a kottke or daringfireball feed. If you want to subscribe to all updates to Philosophistry, use this feed instead.

The reason for creating two feeds for Philosophistry is that I want to permit myself to post 10-20 times a day, with a wide range of content, including one-line narcissistic witticisms; profanity-filled, politically incorrect rants; "too much information" dirty laundry; and 100K-sized text-data dumps. A lot of readers, I imagine, don't want their inboxes flooded like that.

Another important note: If you have an older RSS reader, then you want to make sure you're using the RSS 2.0 Main Feed. I will no longer update the Atom and RSS 1.0 versions, and in a month, I will delete them to eliminate confusion.

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