Random pop-culture references are the thing

by phil on Saturday Jan 17, 2009 2:03 AM

A bunch of unrelated pop-culture references with no context:

Like Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.
You've been got by the "gotcha media."
Homophobic Prop. 8 supporter, Christian Right promoter.
Bring her ova, pop the Cris, and we can play Wii Play.
I'm so rich my skateboard's made out of iPhones.

This was inspired by hearing Jay-Z mention YouTube and Sudoku in the same verse:

Bunch of used to's, has been's bragging bad 'bout all the new dudes
Talking tough on the YouTube bout what you used to do
But that's old school to the new crew
They're doing numbers like Sudoku
They're the new you
And its damn near inevitable they'll experience deja vu too

References like this are borderline cheap, but also intriguing at the same time, especially when they're catchy.

@2:56 on "Fall in Step," Jaydiohead

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