Save me from my obamations

by phil on Sunday Jan 18, 2009 10:53 PM
good ol' history, healthy skepticism

This was a really inviting post sitting in my RSS queue:

How can I keep from crying or otherwise over-emoting on Tuesday at my son's fourth grade Inauguration celebration open house pot-luck? (on Ask MetaFilter)

I like this response:

Oh geez. Just think about how the founders had a bleak view of human nature and would have counseled a healthy level of skepticism when a charismatic leader emerges.

I'm an Obama-nut too, but that's a very a good point. The founders were so wise. Which leads to two tangents.

First, this link came up coincidentally right after wards: Warren Buffet: Barack Obama Will Help the Economy, But Don't Expect Short-Term Miracles.

Second, this reminds me of a story I was told recently. In 2007, Rep. Keith Ellison, wanted to swear his oath on the Koran to become the first Muslim congressman. This drew a lot of controversy, but the "booyah-oh-snap!" comeback moment was when it was revealed he wanted to swear on Thomas Jefferson's copy of the Koran.

Americans have a distorted view of our founders. If you look closely, you'll find Unitarians and anarchists among them.

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