Secular Religion: Can we call him Maker?

by phil on Saturday Jan 3, 2009 3:14 PM
secular religion

I guess I could call it/him/God my "Maker" and still keep my atheist conscience. I was made, indeed, inasmuch as I was caused by something; something complicated, something sublime, something beautiful, something with all the same wonderful features of life itself. Does that something have intent? Sure, it has as much intent as we can be said to have intent. Our intent is, after all, a creation of Its intent, and therefore a subset of It.

Okay, I have a Maker.

So, what swirls in my mind when I imagine my Maker. I'll tell you what is not in my head. There isn't some Dude in the sky, with a white beard (thank you Michelangelo). My Maker is smarter than an sagacious, muscular grandfather. My Maker is orders of magnitude more interesting than we can comprehend currently.

"My Maker will take care of me." Sub-vocalizing that sentence in my head, by itself, acts as a mild palliative for my generalized anxiety.

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