Web Service Idea: A "What's up with ..." site

by phil on Saturday Jan 17, 2009 1:13 AM
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I frequently Google around when I think to myself, "hmm, I haven't heard so-and-so in the media lately, I wonder what he's up to."

A lot of celebrities eventually fade into obscurity, and you want to know if they're cooking up something new. My current method is to check out the wikipedia entry for that person. Today I checked up on Jay-Z, yesterday I checked up on Eminem, and the other day I checked up on Jeb Bush.

Often the "what are they up to lately" aspect of wikipedia is thin, partly because of the fact that said celebrity has faded lately.

So, what I'm trying to say is, there is room for a service to aggregate all the minor blips on the radar that famous people are making, even when they're not dominating the headlines.

Maybe an urban-wikipedia like urbandictionary. Or a gossip-pedia meant for the paparazzi to organize all their "research" together.

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