wikipedia gem: intentional living

by phil on Saturday Jan 17, 2009 7:23 PM
wikipedia gem

I really like this entry on Intentional Living. I was watching Six Feet Under and I got turned onto the Quakers, and how they have these meetings where people just sit there, in peace. I started googling about quakers and found out that they also believe in living a simple life, and that they were one of the first, outspoken abolitionists.

My life is somewhat a combination of trying to live a simple life with minimal responsibilities, and also well within my financial means. This would make me just a plain-lifer, but I also include this aspect of leveraging technology and tricks to optimize my experience. The idea of "intentional living" is just a handy bit of phraseology to make me think, "hmm, there's a lot of people like me, even if they live with intent in different ways."

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