Marketing Strategy for Stimulus Bill and Others

by phil on Tuesday Feb 10, 2009 2:47 PM
message control

Obama is going on a tour to promote the Stimulus Bill, but I think there might be an even better strategy that leverages the power of viral marketing.

What you do is leak a 30-second campaign ad, showing how opponents of the bill will be viewed in the upcoming elections.

For example, the Stimulus has about $250 billion in tax cuts. If Republicans vote against this, couldn't someone create a commercial mocking them for going against their conservative ideology? It's the same thing that the Republicans did by claiming Democrats voted against funding the troops, when in fact the funding was tied to other undesirables, such as contracts for Blackwater and Halliburton.

So this time around, instead of creating the ad after the votes have been cast, create the ad beforehand. Leak it to YouTube and see if that can shift the winds of public opinion. Because right now, I think Republicans are winning the message war on the Stimulus bill.

(Credit to loud-mouth Joe Biden for inspiring the idea)

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