Fun Political Predictions

by phil on Wednesday Mar 4, 2009 8:17 PM
a new kind of futurism

I'm going to keep riding my predictions kick.

My belief is that Obama will win a second term, but in 2014 he will be faced with a majority (or near-majority) Republican congress, and by 2016 a Republican will be president and/or the Republicans will have the majority of Congress.

This libertarian movement that we saw in this most recent election will further gain root because of the tripling of the number of voting-age video gamers. Video gamers are skewed toward libertarian thinking because they spend more than a third of their waking lives as a lone, self-reliant avatar against the oppressive forces that be. This has an effect on their cognition, which then affects their politicization. As a result, the Republicans will find their voice around 2014 by co-opting libertarian principles.

Obama will still be a great speaker, and his policies will have made great strides. However, the Democrats in Congress will have become so drunk with power that they will engulf themselves in scandal. Some of that scandal might happen close to Obama's inner circle, but Obama himself will keep his nose clean.

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