I'm glad Twitter jumped the shark

by phil on Thursday Mar 5, 2009 12:29 AM
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I just had a thought: If my Representative and Senators had Twitters, I would follow them. I'd want to know what they're up to, and I'd want to know how my taxpayer money and votes are going to work.

To me, that would be the ideal way for me to keep informed about local politics. Hell, where can I find my city council Twitters?

This is in response to finding out that John McCain twitters, and wishing my senator did as well:

The Arizona Republican posted his first anti-pork list under the Twitter name @SenJohnMcCain late last week, calling attention to projects like $650,000 for beaver management and $1.7 million for pig odor research. He brought the Top 10 list "back by popular demand" the first two days of this week. The project in the No. 1 slot today: "$951,500 for the Oregon Solar Highway." (link)

This is also a follow-up to my post, "Has Twitter jumped the shark? Maybe. Does it matter? No."

If you're wondering why Twitter's been getting so much coverage in the news, it's because of all the sudden interest by politicians.

But it makes me really happy to see politicians embrace new technology. Think of the opposite. Would you prefer it before when these guys were making legislation on technology that everybody but the lobbyists knew was stupid?

Ever since Obama and his embrace of the BlackBerry, all politicians of all hair colors are scrambling to modernize. That gives me Hope!

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