One-Man Game/Business Idea for Twitter

by phil on Friday Mar 6, 2009 6:26 PM
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Since Twitter's all the rage this week, I'll suggest a game idea (It may already exist, but anyway).

Post a challenge on Twitter. Whoever responds first, reply "@SoAndSo got it!"

And make the trivia questions be related to a specific profession. For example, for programmers, tweet a sample bit of code every 6 hours, and see who can guess what the code does.

The incentive for the players is that if they get it right, the world knows they've got skills in that field. Others may then follow winners on Twitter, and ultimately it may help land gigs.

And every so often, you can charge money for recruiters to post programmer questions. Or you can post ads (since your audience is highly targeted and very focused on your feed).

via @philosophistry (the link on that is broken, try this)

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