Scenes from the recession

by phil on Wednesday Mar 18, 2009 11:06 PM
pretty static things

Unused newspaper racks clutter a storage yard in San Francisco, California

From The Big Picture


Squidhelmet said on March 19, 2009 10:40 AM:

Man, as sad is this is to see, I can't say I'm too sad about the death of print media. As a delivery system, it's just such a clunky and wasteful idea. "We'll print all this one little fat stacks of paper and sell them to everyone who wants one! They'll use it for a day, and then turn it into landfill trash! We'll make millions!" I'm sure the dude who sold tablets and chisels was pretty pissed when paper and ink came along... I bet he even had some valid gripes about how paper doesn't last anywhere near as long as granite!

What makes me happy about this picture, is it looks like these aren't all newspaper boxes, but are a lot of those other junk boxes of extra classified supplements and other types of spam1.0b - No one will miss that stuff. Hell, craigslist has probably be putting those guys out of business for years.

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