The Maverick Returns?

by phil on Thursday Mar 5, 2009 12:23 PM
admitting when your opinion changes, seeing the good in the other side politically

I actually like JohnMcCain's Twitter. It's snarky and fun. He basically lists, everyday, the top 10 pork projects going through Congress. Examples:

$7,100,000 for the conservation and recovery of endangered Hawaiian sea turtle populations

$900,000 for fish management - how does one manage a fish...

$209,000 to improve blueberry production and efficiency in GA

In late 2007, when I didn't know much about John McCain, all I had was a general sense that I liked the guy. I believed he was a Maverick and an honest guy. As I got to know him in 2008 and got into Obama, I started to loathe McCain.

Now, however, his Twitter has disarmed me a bit. Maybe there was some truth to his maverick persona. He's certainly not winning points from his friends by making these Tweets.

And a libertarian thought flashed through my mind: Why are we spending federal dollars on things that should really be state projects?

Campaigns in this post:

  • Willingness to admit when my opinion changes
  • Willful contrarianism
  • Seeing the good in the other side

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