The Perfect Poster/Wallpaper

by phil on Thursday Mar 5, 2009 10:38 AM
going meta, mainfeed, observant about technological minutia

Is there a perfect wallpaper? Not in terms of looks, but in functionality. One that rewards looking at it, even 2 months later?

Island wallpapers are funny at the office. Sure. Why not focus on future vacations? But after the first week, do you still meditate on it?

I have a picture of my family on my shelf and 3 posters on my wall. I've gone 2-3 months of neither of them breaking my consciousness.

We can even go blind to TODO lists. I wrote a TODO list wallpaper on my cellphone, but still 2-3 weeks later, it's invisible.

One poster has stood the test of time:

It rewards wandering at the micro and macro levels.

In our over-saturated modernism, the best art will be those that cannot be ignored; that live, persist, and draw you in day-in day-out.

The preceding 6 paragraphs were written in a Twitter box to take advantage of the compression effects of the 140-character limit.

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