Time to go between the tweets

by phil on Wednesday Mar 4, 2009 10:59 AM
a new kind of futurism, mainfeed

Here's my response to all of this:

If you think Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and blogs are annoying now, just wait 10 years from now!

Imagine all the creative ways that technology will continue to plague us. Imagine the possibilities!

I can probably see the presence of Twitter pools in the form of Twitter knock-offs. Your mom will use some multi-Social-Networking-Service spam device to post on your MySpace/Facebook/Twitter to "Please come check out my [Insert Trendy Name for Family-Values Twitter knock-off]." There will be Twitters for goths. Twitters for dating.

Also, people will become less scared of non-YouTube sites, as almost every video sharing site has the same exact features and ease-of-use. Webcams will be integrated into every screen (including cell phones), and everybody will be video logging. EVERYBODY. Imagine!

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