Very well-written case for blogging

by phil on Friday Mar 6, 2009 5:46 PM

Penelope Trunk really lays out the case for blogging.

Employers regularly Google prospective employees to learn more about them. Blogging gives you a way to control what employers see, because Google's system works in such a way that blogs that are heavily networked with others come up high in Google searches.

And coming up high is good: "People who are more visible and have a reputation and stand for something do better than people who are invisible," branding consultant Catherine Kaputa told me.

via @SarahQB

She then lists 8 solid bullet points, that when I read them, made me think, "wow, things have certainly changed a lot in 5 years."

I gave up working for start-ups in 2004 when the co-founder of a now-very famous company told me "blogs are a fad," and that my ideas to make the product more bloggy were not good.

I've booked a couple pivotal gigs in my life by virtue of my blog. Plus, there is the innumerable, invisible networking bump it's given me.

Not trying to compensate or anything. I'm more excited by the fact that it's gone mainstream enough that everybody can appreciate its reliable use cases. The word "blogging" still garners snickers for some reason. Although in this economy, nobody seems to be laughing at anything that could help them find jobs.

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