What's good about my generation

by phil on Sunday Mar 22, 2009 1:25 PM

In the midst of change, it's easier to see what's broken than what will replace it.

While that's a quote about technology, it applies to understanding my generation. I've commonly said, "the saddest thing about my generation is its apathy." But honestly that's a cheap shot. This crisis is making me realize the foolishness of preceding generations (Generation X and the Boomers).

When I think about it, I notice a lot of prudence in my peers. They're really into being debt-free and are very cautious about dipping into the stock market. And I think it's because we are the children of parents who've gone through booms and busts. We've sat around the dinner table hearing stories of how they wiped their 401(k)s in one day. We've seen them stress out about the fluctuations of the stock market or the housing market.

If there's anything positive about my generation, perhaps it's that. We don't have this drunken embrace of everything that our Boomer parents have had since the 60s. Just as we can be easily chided for our apathy, we can also be praised for our skepticism.

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