Maybe they'll call them the Twilight Generation

by phil on Tuesday May 19, 2009 10:53 AM

Attitudes on abortion have been shifting over the last 10 years. I like how this totally passed under the radar. There is some evidence of a strange generational shift.

Nancy Gibbs writing for TIME highlights a Gallup study showing how abortion attitudes have shifted:

In 1995, when Gallup started asking the question, the split was 56-33 in favor of abortion rights. Now the lines have crossed, and 51% call themselves pro-life while only 42% say they are pro-choice.

People under 30 are more opposed to abortion than those who are older.

In my early 20s, when I became politically aware and liberal, I had felt that I was on the right side of history, and that it will just take a generational shift to bear out the correct worldview. Then, after seeing the abstinence-fetish vampire flick Twilight and observing how gaga people are over it, I've since become jaded. Plus my young techie cohort in places like digg and slashdot are really into libertarianism and lean to the right (though everybody hates Bush). I'm starting to feel left out.

This is from danah boyd, social media researcher extraordinaire, answering questions about teens and Twitter:

@SavvyPriya: what is one thing that teens are passionate about?

This varies across teens, but God comes up a lot. The only thing that really competes is friends. Family is also important to some teens. School and sports are also important to some teens. And then some teens have particular hobbies or activities that they love. But God and friends really dominate the passion list.

(via waxy)

This was certainly not the case when I was growing up. God is sooo cool right now!!! YAY, school spirit!

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