Reality Show Idea: Massage Therapists

by phil on Monday May 4, 2009 8:50 PM
ideas for business

I don't know why I'm on a kick of coming up with Reality Show Ideas. This is now the fourth one I've come up with. Previous ones include: a reality show for infomercial pitchmen (How do you measure charisma?), a competition for the next Susan Boyle (Makeover + Talent Competition), and a cooking show for stoners (starring Xzibit, Montel, and Seth Rogen).

A massage therapist show could be interesting for a couple reasons. For one, there is such high variation among therapists in terms of quality and personality. A client could get anything from an injury to heaven depending on the service. Imagine the scene of some guy coming out from one feeling completely sore.

Another aspect is that a lot of massage therapists have strange personalities. I confirmed this when I suggested the idea to a massage therapist, so I know it's not just a cliche. On the Sopranos, for example, an ex-convict played by Steve Buscemi, had been training in jail to become a massage therapist.

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