What do you secretly do that is frowned upon by this community, but not by the world at-large?

by phil on Wednesday Jul 1, 2009 7:47 PM

I really love this Q&A on reddit, which asks the community, "what are the things that you secretly do that would be frowned upon only by the reddit community and not by your technophobe friends?"

I like how the thread turns individual self-deprecation inside-out to reveal communal indignation. Here are some choice comments:

  • I love Windows Vista.
  • I shop at Best Buy and fucking love it.
  • Twitter
  • I refuse to recycle.
  • My desktop has an icon in every available space.
  • I have an aol account
  • I really enjoy typing your instead or you're or you're instead of your. I also really enjoy typing its instead of it's.
  • I have a website with 5 iframes on the main page. I also use tables.
  • I've never had any complaints about Internet Explorer, and have never used Firefox.
  • I watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight, for the adorableness, not the irony.
  • I buy drinking water in 12 ounce plastic bottles. My cats drink it, too.

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