I don't have an internalized belief in evolution

by phil on Tuesday Sep 15, 2009 1:55 AM

I'll admit, I don't believe in evolution deep in my bones. The theory of evolution is something I rationally acknowledge to be true, but I can't comprehend evolution the same way that I can't comprehend really large numbers like a million or a billion. You say that a million Earths could fit inside the Sun? I don't have grasp of what that means. Likewise, I guess a billion years of mutations and natural selection would eventually lead bacteria to become a human. Who really knows?

I think I'm sold on the mechanics of evolution. The fittest do survive, and they have changes that they pass on. But damned if I still don't have an internalized confidence in how the eye evolved. It doesn't matter how many damn times I read about it. Or take the evolution of consciousness and our ability to perceive colors. For example, how do I know that the Green that I see is the same as the Green that others see? Where is that green stored in my mind? Again, who knows how that kind of phenomena could have evolved.

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