Quirks you thought only you had (reddit roundup)

by phil on Tuesday Sep 29, 2009 11:55 PM

In the tradition of my other reddit roundup posts ("Which of our own closely held beliefs will our own children and grandchildren by appalled by?" and "What do you secretly do that is frowned upon by this community, but not by the world at-large?"), I've selected some key posts from the "Does Anybody Else" subforum (aka subreddit) of reddit.

A brief backgrounder:

About a month ago, jackalope123 posted this topic:

Out of pure curiosity, does anybody else...
... sometimes run up stairs on all fours? I do this when I'm alone. I don't really know why, I've done it since I was a kid, but when I'm confronted with stairs, I have the urge to climb it using my arms as legs as well. Am I alone in this, or are there others?

What followed has been a rapidly growing subreddit dedicated to DAEs (Does Anybody Else topics). Here is a selection of posts that I think capture the same essence as the above post:

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