Rules for San Francisco Bay Area Post-Hippies

by phil on Friday Nov 27, 2009 8:05 PM

Ensconced in the San Francisco Bay Area (5 years in Palo Alto, 1 year in San Carlos), reading the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and living in a crappy apartment embedded among the richest of the richest homes in the world (I lived a few blocks from Steve Jobs), I got a sense of how the ethos of the Radical 60s became distilled into a code that is followed by the wealthy people who go to Burning Man.

Here's the rules:
- Don't smoke cigarettes
- Do smoke weed
- Don't do cocaine
- Do psychedelics
- Don't drive a SUV
- Drive a hybrid
- Always recycle
- Spend a lot of time in nature
- Be a vegetarian
- Bike
- Have an open-minded, New Age attitude toward religion
- Meditate
- Wear earth tones
- Shop at Whole Foods or food co-ops
- Buy organic, free-range, fair trade, conflict-free.
- Vote liberal
- Openly support the common man

I'm still trying to figure out or summarize what exactly this is, and why the items on this list go together. It's something for sure, but what does it mean?

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