New Meme: Whole Foods Republicans


In the fine tradition of predecessors like "soccer moms" and "NASCAR dads" comes the new demographic moniker, "Whole Foods Republicans":

What's needed is a full-fledged effort to cultivate "Whole Foods Republicans"--independent-minded voters who embrace a progressive lifestyle but not progressive politics. These highly-educated individuals appreciate diversity and would never tell racist or homophobic jokes; they like living in walkable urban environments; they believe in environmental stewardship, community service and a spirit of inclusion. And yes, many shop at Whole Foods, which has become a symbol of progressive affluence but is also a good example of the free enterprise system at work. (Not to mention that its founder is a well-known libertarian who took to these pages to excoriate ObamaCare as inimical to market principles.)

What makes these voters potential Republicans is that, lifestyle choices aside, they view big government with great suspicion. There's no law that someone who enjoys organic food, rides his bike to work, or wants a diverse school for his kids must also believe that the federal government should take over the health-care system or waste money on thousands of social programs with no evidence of effectiveness. Nor do highly educated people have to agree that a strong national defense is harmful to the cause of peace and international cooperation

(Michael Petrilli in the Wall Street Journal)

The Whole Foods CEO initially got a lot of flak for speaking against ObamaCare, but has the kerfuffle earned him street cred? I can see that. That could play well in Austin, TX (location of the Whole Foods Headquarters and also where I live).

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