People who play Russian roulette are more offensive to me than those who commit suicide

by phil on Wednesday Dec 2, 2009 2:20 AM
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I just finished watching The Deer Hunter (1978 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture) which has, as its centerpiece, compelling scenes of Russian roulette. I also recall a reddit thread from someone who claims to have played the game.

These are my thoughts:

Man, fucking Russian roulette. What the fuck. I cannot believe people actually play that game. That really pisses me off. That pisses me off more than people who commit suicide. People who play Russian roulette disrespect their lives more than those who commit suicide. The person who commits suicide commits. They're taking a definitive stance, "my life is not worth living. Non-living is a much much better alternative." People who play Russian roulette are saying, "my life IS equal to non-living." The person who commits suicide is essentially saying, "non-living is WAY better than my life." In effect, that puts life on a pedestal, because non-living has to triumph over it. The person who commits suicide doesn't have disregard for his or her life. Rather, he has really really strong emotions toward it. He hates life, it's destroying him, it's painful, he's suffering, and/or he's causing the suffering of others. Life is powerful. The person who plays Russian roulette, on the other hand, is a true nihilist.

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