How can an entire country be "for" or "against" us?

by phil on Sunday May 9, 2010 2:53 PM

Spain is a fiction. It's a collection of former kingdoms who are currently at peace. Some kingdoms have their own dialects (Castilian Spanish) and even one has its own language (Occitan). Occitania is the failed empire of Aragon. Had the Aragonese won a few more battles, "Spain" would be the Pyrenean Kingdom, and it would only barely occupy the Iberian peninsula.

India doesn't really exist. The separate Indian states, many of whom still hate each other, just bandied together as a way to brush off the the British.

North Filipinos speak a different language (Tagalog) than Southerners (Cebuano), and they mistrust each other more than Yankees and Southerners do in the US.

We often believe that when a country is for or against us, it's the whole country, when really their internal divisions are often worse than our own.

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