Where's the center of religious innovation? Minnesota.

by phil on Monday May 10, 2010 11:01 PM

So I was on a research binge, reading up on Christian sects that started in the United States, and I noticed that many of them were headquartered in Minnesota. Which is weird because I thought nothing happens in Minnesota. Which got me thinking, that people on the interior, in landlocked areas, focus inward. They take Christianity, tweak the rules a little bit, and then call it the "true way." So if you're born in Middle America, but have a thirst for spiritual awakening, you will gravitate toward sects like Pentecostalism or Adventism.

But that same religious seeker, if they were born on the coast, would look outward beyond Christianity for inspiration. They would instead dabble in Buddhism or Hinduism. They seek exotic innovation, while as those living in the interior seek esoteric innovation.

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