Would alien evolution mirror earthling evolution?

by phil on Saturday May 8, 2010 11:58 AM

What if life on other planets looks 90% like life on Earth?

  1. Life starts a blob.
  2. The blob develops motor skills.
  3. Motor skills lead to advantages in an elongated form.
  4. Consuming food happens at the point of first contact: the head.
  5. Excrement naturally flows out the back, creating a digestive tract.
  6. More sensors are needed at the place of first contact: the head.
  7. Eyes evolve at the head to give foresight.
  8. Stereoscopic vision becomes more useful, especially to predators.
  9. Size matters and we see larger blobs.
  10. Larger blobs require hardened internal support structures, or skeletons.
  11. The organism evolves a bilateral symmetry around an up-down plane, since turning left and right are the same.
  12. If the organism is in water, we'd see fins.

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