Gourdough's Rankings

by phil on Sunday Dec 12, 2010 2:09 AM

I'm not a dessert person, nor would I consider myself a foodie, but I temporarily become one, when I decided to eat every doughnut at least once at Gourdough's, a specialty doughnut trailer in Austin, TX.

I stopped by the trailer randomly on a whim, and I was overwhelmed by the choices. So I picked the simplest one, the Naughty & Nice (sugar and cinnamon), and I was blown away. I thought to myself, "wow, this is like art for your mouth," and I determined right there, that I wanted to try them all.

And so, over the course of a couple months, I convinced my friends to come join me on my quest. Nobody I brought was ever disappointed, and I converted about thirty people to Gourghdough's. If I couldn't bring anybody along, I'd sometimes go by myself. One time I went at 2:50am on a Saturday night, just to get a fix. (Yes, they're open late. I got a PB&J).

A Heavenly Hash and a Porkey's for breakfast

And so, without further adieu, here's how I ranked every doughnut:

  1. Porkey's
    canadian bacon, cream cheese and jalapeno jelly
    I love eggs benedicts, and therefore I love canadian bacon. I also love cream cheese. You might be wondering about the jalapeno jelly, and yes, it's really unique, and yet the whole thing comes together in the perfect balance of savory and sweet.
  2. Blue Balls
    blueberry filling with blue icing
  3. Naughty & Nice
    sugar and cinnamon
    I love how their simplest doughnut is also one their best. If you never had Gourdough's before, and you're unsure about what to pick, start with this one.
  4. Dirty Berry
    fudge icing with grilled strawberries
  5. Cherry Bombs
    glazed cherry-topped holes, cinnamon, sugar and cake mix topping
  6. Mama's Cake
    yellow cake batter filling with chocolate fudge icing
  7. Flying Pig
    bacon with maple syrup icing
    Tastes like a great pancake.
  8. Bring the Heath
    cream cheese icing with heath bar chips
  9. Razzle Dazzle
    raspberry filling with fudge icing
  10. Heavenly Hash
    marshmallow with chocolate fudge icing topped with fudge candy
  11. Black Out
    brownie batter, fudge icing and chocolate covered brownie bites
  12. PB&J
    grape jelly filling with peanut butter icing and peanut butter morsels
    Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, to the extreme.
  13. Sara's Joy
    coconut flavored filling with fresh coconut and fudge icing
    I'm just not sure about coconuts mixed with doughnut.
  14. Baby Rattler
    fudge icing and fudge oreos with a gummy rattlesnake
  15. Slow Burn
    habanero pepper jelly with cream cheese topping
    Not as interesting as the Porkey's, and the jalapeno jelly is much better than the habanero.
  16. Son of a Peach
    peach filling, cinnamon, sugar and cake mix topping
  17. Funky Monkey
    grilled bananas and cream cheese icing with brown sugar
  18. Granny's Pie
    caramel, pecans, bananas and graham cracker
  19. Miss Shortcake
    cream chese icing with fresh cut strawberries
    In an informal poll among my friends, this doughnut and the Naughty & Nice are the best. Unfortunately, strawberries are really only good to me with whip cream or chocolate.
  20. Sailor Jerry
    think rum cake
    Too soggy, like a doughnut dunked in rum, which overwhelms the flavors.
  21. ODB
    cream filled doughnut holes with icing rolled in coconut
    See "Sarah's Joy" above for my comment on coconuts.
  22. The Puddin'
    cream filled, cream cheese icing, bananas and vanilla wafers
  23. Mother Clucker
    fried chicken strip with honey butter
    Tastes like a biscuit.
Thank you to everybody who joined me on this adventure.
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