Did you read that thing on Philosophistry about how golf is an analogy for marriage?

by phil on Monday Feb 14, 2011 6:09 PM

In this hilarious clip from Portlandia, there is an off-hand reference to an article in the New Yorker that says golf is an analogy for marriage. I Googled for it, and couldn't find the original reference, but accidentally, I stumbled upon this weird, weird blog.

It's by <name redacted>*, of Plano, Texas. The beginning of his intro says, "I love God & Mexican Food," followed by, "I have been to 30 countries, so my opinion on both, God & Mexican food, is very well founded. I love Jesus."

I read through a few of his blog posts. Most of them go into gross detail about how hard he is trying to make his family life into some sort of angelic Christian tableau:

"We're pursuing custody of Taylor & Brooke in Colorado...all while intentionally and lovingly leading/teaching/loving Emma, Laura & Caroline while Jill and I do a lot of great, deep intimate work on the foundation of our marriage and friendship."

And this is the biggest WTF reference I found:

"Well, simply, most of life is a grind. If you don't believe that, perhaps it's time to put down the bong and stop playing 'World of Warcraft' Because life is a grind."

Ironically, "grind" is a term used in World of Warcraft to describe the predominant way of gaining experience in the game, by simply killing monster after monster. <name redacted> has a different take on the word, though:

The first golf analogy for our marriage is the need to "grind". Tiger Woods talks about it all the time. Those days, or those rounds where he doesn't have his "A-game", or his putter is failing him a bit, or he just can't seem to hit fairways...what does he do? Does Tiger wrap his 5 iron around a tree and quit? No. He grinds. He goes out there and literally approaches every single shot with the perspective and effort to make that shot excellent. He grinds...often he grinds his way up the leader board and into victory, or at least into position to make a great move on the day that he does have his A-game.
Maybe <name redacted> should put down the analogies.

* I don't want people to Google the blogger's name and have this post come up.


Squidhelmet said on February 15, 2011 11:54 AM:

This guy is amazing. So completely full of himself. He's just over in Plano, so maybe we should road trip to go find him - ask him to lead us by example.

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