Ever been frustrated with trying to find work that you like?

by phil on Sunday Nov 13, 2011 3:34 PM

I just posted two letters from my upcoming book Dear Charlotte. One is from 2006, and pertains to a simple trick I used to get myself unstuck in the job hunt:

The next day, I got an email saying I got the job, and my mood did a 180. I started to see the positive. I kept thinking back to that list of sorted jobs, and I kept wondering, "What if there's a reason for all this? What if there's a reason this job was at the top of the list?" Then it dawned on me, that maybe by throwing myself into this formula, of just picking the most interesting kind of work at any given moment, I'm subconsciously walking down the road to a fulfilling career

The other letter is from the end of 2007 and pertains to my thought process after I ended my short-lived career in the video games industry:

I've taken so long to quit this job because I'm afraid that this is it. If this job--this "perfect" job--can't make me happy, then what job will ever make me happy? Am I doomed to non-employment because I hate everything? I keep having self-doubts, and I keep hearing my dad's words, "If you initially don't like something, you can learn to like it."

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