Do animals have epiphanies in their dreams?

by phil on Friday Dec 2, 2011 11:23 AM
lucid dreaming

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Oftentimes I have dreams where I think I'm much smarter than I really am. In them, I sometimes believe I've discovered the perfect story for the next Great American Novel. I can see all the characters, themes, and plotlines intersect into a joyous epiphany of literary wonderment. Then when I wake up, and try to write it all down, and it comes out as nonsensical spaghetti. It truly is a humbling moment.

Which makes me think, that since animals dream, do they have similar moments of epiphany? Does the female lion sleep and dream of talking to the father of her children, explaining in detail why she had to kick him out? Does she imagine herself standing upright and dancing with her friends? Does she see herself building a palace out of sticks for her children? Instead, she wakes up, in a bad mood, and swipes someone in the face.

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