Super easy way to support Philosophistry

by phil on Tuesday Mar 24, 2009 6:42 PM
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So, I'm running with John Gruber's advice at SXSW '09:

Always explore secondary methods of monetization

And so, if you want to support Philosophistry, do your shopping after clicking this link:

I get a small commission. If you need shopping ideas, check out the human relations and work & money bookstores.

Think about how often you shop at Amazon. You could easily kick back a few quarters (or dollars, depending on what you buy) by simply remembering to go through my site first. I've added a link to the right-hand side of my site, to the bottom of all RSS feeds, and at the bottom of all permalinks so you won't have to hunt for the link.

Thank you to everybody who's encouraged me and my work.


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