Instant Comedy: Overheard Tweets

by phil on Monday Jun 1, 2009 3:01 PM
Web 2.0, hive minds, mainfeed, people who like good rhetoric, personal projects

The funniest comments are the ones you can't make up.

I created a new project wherein I take the Twitter search feed for the word "overheard" and return the results. Here's a sample of some good ones:

"Kennedy was an overrated white guy. Like many white guys of his generation."

"humans are better than monkeys and dogs arent as adaptable as wolves."

"y'know what's the best? Setting aside 15-20 min and watching cat videos on YouTube."

"i can't go antiqueing without my sunglasses."

"There are a lot of people here. A lot of people like cats. I hate cats..."

"I wanna have a menage a trois with Ben and Jerry!"

"Mommy, cream cheese doesn't work as glue."

"Don't sit on my hand." "Move your hand then, I'm on my period."

"Hey, man...let me call you back. I've got a hamburger in my pocket."

"Ted Danson is NOT a C-list celebrity. He's a B+. Maybe even an A-."

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