Excel Blogging

by phil on Friday Nov 28, 2003 10:49 PM
blogging, interesting use of a medium, more like diagrams than infoviz, personal projects

I took Excel and tried to map my thoughts onto it. First impression: I love it. Mapping your thoughts in a 2D matrix is interesting and different than a traditional text. A traditional text is a one-dimensional line, a stream, where ideas follow from each other. The excel spreadsheet allows associations to fly around in a plane.

I think this is more closely aligned with the way the brain works. Every idea pops open 4ish ideas for consideration.

Plus, there are also colored bars to play with.

Enough talking see for yourself:

First Excel Blog - Just an all-over-the-place mosh pit kalidescope of colors and words.

What is Blogging? and the Global Mind - What started as a mental discussion about what exactly blogging is, somehow transformed into a pounding on the concept of measuring synchronicity between humans and between neurons to see if we're a global mind yet.

Observations on I-15 - I was driving home from Palo Alto, and mapped my stream of consciousness while on the road. Lots of goodies in here.

Here are other files I did:

Mcluhan and extension spaces
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Regions of Brain are much like Continents
What does the river mind look like
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